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About Us


Anthem Origins is a center for creative collaboration. We seek to foster community between all artists alike. Our founder, Jordan Ekstein, started her career as a top-liner and found the biggest obstacle she faced was finding meaningful connections with whom to contribute in a way she could not. We hope to connect song-writers to producers, song-writers to song-writers, song-writers to artists, drummers to guitars, bassists to pianists... you get the point. 


Make your profile, let us know what city you're in and what you specialize in and start meeting new creatives! Plus, write in our forum to let people know what you're looking for and what you're up to. Have a project coming out with someone in the community? Let everyone know! 


Opt-in to our mailing list to get a curated user match from us every month from our team. Additionally, you'll get updates whenever we're hosting an event in your area. Our events range from places to meet others in the community, to learning sessions with professionals in the industry. 

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